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Following the proposal to change the wording of the highest referee category (Olympic), the new name will be I Superior or “I S”. A maximum of 60 referees will be part of this category.

The Referees’ categories will be therefore:

Category I S
Category I
Category II
Category III

United World Wrestling doesn’t oblige the organizers to manage their events with Pairing Masters. In this way, the proposal to cancel the PM Category was mentioned. All the PM referees will be remove from the International Referee list because they don’t take part to the whole candidate course. If these PM referees want to become International Referee, United World Wrestling won’t request them the participation fee. Their National Wrestling Federation will have to inform us about their participation in order to brief the Neutral Referee.

Obligations regarding the Category

The Category I S referees will have to participate in the Senior World Championship and the Senior Continental Championship of their own Continent otherwise they will be downgraded to a lower category.

The Category I referees must be controlled at one international competition AND one Championship during which a type IV course is organized otherwise they will be downgraded to a lower category.

The Category II referees have the obligation to participate in at least one International tournament otherwise they will be downgraded.

Moreover if a Category III referee doesn’t participate in any International Events during two year, he will lose his International Category.


Changes in the organization of United World Wrestling Refereeing body

One of the aspects of modernizing United World Wrestling as an organization also need to address the necessary changes in the Refereeing organization as one of major parts of United World Wrestling. Refereeing organization has to insert new ideas, to modernize and change its philosophy in order to contribute to the overall changes and modernization of United World Wrestling. Therefore here are the proposals from the Refereeing Commission:

Established new United World Wrestling Refereeing Commission (8 persons)

Commission President: Karri Toivola (FIN)
Commission Secretary: Noravard Arustamyan (RUS)
Instructor for Africa: Kamel Bouaziz (TUN)
Instructor for Asia: Konstantin Mikhaylov (UZB)
Instructor for Europe: Ibrahim Cicioglu (TUR)
Instructor for Europe: Davor Petanjek (CRO)
Instructor for N. America: Lee Mackay (CAN)
Instructor for S. America: Orestes Molina (CUB)

United World Wrestling Refereeing Commission group consists of members which are selected among experts, referees of highest category with huge experience in refereeing (min. 10 years), strong knowledge of International wrestling rules, good pedagogic and presentation skills and are fluent in English or French – one of official United World Wrestling languages.

Continental Instructors (together with the Commission President) are responsible for the education and evaluation of the work of all international referees. They are also responsible for developing and constantly upgrading a detailed education system for the upgrading and control clinics and referee seminars.

When Instructors are not officially assigned to competitions they attend to, they act as mat chairmen.

Refereeing Commission members are selected on a 4 year terms from an Olympiad to the other one. Their work is monitored and evaluated on a yearly basis by the United World Wrestling Refereeing Commission President and United World Wrestling Bureau.

Age limit for Refereeing Commission members is set to 65 years of age. In special cases, United World Wrestling can prolong this limit for 2 more years (to 67 years of age) if there’s no suitable successor to the current continental Instructor to replace him.

Supervisors “Jury of Appeal group” (10 persons)

– Iantcho Kostadinov (BUL)
– Saito Osamu (JPN)
– Pertti Vevilainen (FIN)
– Noreddine Mochaffaa (MAR)
– Regine Legleut (FRA)
– Grzegorz Brudzinski (POL)
– Edisheri Machaidze (GEO)
– Sergey Novakovsky (RUS)
– Antonio Silvestri (GER)
– Zach Erret (USA)

The Supervisors’ group consists of experts who have a high referee level experience with strong knowledge of International wrestling rules.

The Supervisors are selected by 3 United World Wrestling Bureau Members in charge of these Supervisors. They will be directly linked to the President of United World Wrestling and the United World Wrestling Bureau. Inside the Supervisors’ group there can only be one member per country.

The members of this group are assigned by United World Wrestling (based on the proposal of the President and the Bureau Members in charge of them) to act as:

  • Jury members during major Championships
  • Technical delegates during some competitions

The Supervisors are not part of the referees from the “I S” category. They are independent of the Refereeing Commission and are managed only by the United World Wrestling President and the Bureau Members in charge of this group. The work of the supervisors is controlled and evaluated on a yearly basis by the United World Wrestling President and Bureau.

Age limit for the members of Supervisors’ group is set to 65 years of age.

Note: From the beginning of 2015 and for all the next United World Wrestling major events, the Jury of Appeal (per mat) will be composed by two supervisors and the mat Chairman. He will be therefore able to give his explanations to the two other members.

If United World Wrestling doesn’t assign 1 or 2 supervisors per mat for a competition, the assigned instructors or the neutral referee will have to choose the (1 or 2) members of the Jury of Appeal through the best referees who are participating to the competition. These ones will be joined by the mat chairman during the possible challenges.


The need to redefine types of referee upgrading and control stages

In order to keep a good quality of refereeing, it was proposed that only Type III – IV – V will be organized during the major events. For the other Types (I and II), most of them will be organized during International tournaments.

TYPE 5 (control for Cat I S)

  • senior World Championship (Obligatory control competition for cat 1S referees)
  • senior European Championship (Obligatory annual control for European 1S category referees)

TYPE 4 and TYPE 5 (control for Cat I and I S)

  • senior African Championship
  • senior Asian Championship
  • senior Pan American Championship

Control competitions for cat I referees and obligatory control for all 1S referees from their respective continents. This would allow the 1S category referees from these continents to have one obligatory control tournament in their own continent, without the need to travel to other continents (avoid large travel costs).

However, all cat. 1S referees can participate at each TYPE 5 stage championship if they want and if they can.

For each of the above mentioned competitions (senior continental championships), United World Wrestling should send one group of 1S referees from European continent (3-5 persons) to act as REFEREES, in order to help maintain the high level and consistency of refereeing. (Oceania senior Championship to be excluded from the above proposal for the time being, until the development of wrestling sport there advances to quality and quantity level which would need it).

TYPE 4 (control for Cat I)

  • All Senior World Cups (GR, FW, FS)
  • U-23 European Championship
  • Junior World Championship
  • Junior European Championship

Only Cat. I referee (and above) can officiate at the above mentioned competitions. The quality and level of these competitions require the appropriate level of refereeing as well.

TYPE 3 and TYPE 4 (upgrade clinics Cat. II to Cat. I and control for cat. I)

  • Cadet World Championship
  • Cadet European Championship

Quality and importance of Cadet World and European Championship require these competitions to have at least intermediate level of experienced referees (min. Cat II). We cannot allow inexperienced, lower level cat III referees to work at such important championships and have it as their test and education competition. That is why we suggest this change.

TYPE 3 (upgrade clinics Cat. II to Cat. I)

  • cadet and junior African Championships
  • cadet and junior Asian Championships
  • cadet and junior Pan American Championships
  • cadet, junior, senior Oceania Championships
  • Selected International tournaments (for example Grand Prix Tournaments and similar senior level tournaments)

TYPE 2 (upgrade clinics Cat. III to Cat. II) No age limit are mandatory for this course

  • Oceania cadet, junior, senior Championships

Without the intention to discriminate, in reality the level of Oceania championships in all ages is still not the at the same level as on other continents, so we have to encourage the existing small number of all referees from Oceania to attend this championship and give them the chance and possibility to learn, collect experience and to advance, in order to raise and expand the wrestling in this part of the world.

  • Selected International tournaments

TYPE 1 (clinics for new candidates for Int. referees) Only national referee who are not more than 40 years old can participate in a candidate course.

  • Oceania cadet, junior, senior Championships
  • Veterans World Championship
  • Selected International tournaments

General principles:

There should always be minimum 1 competition of each stage type per continent during the calendar year.
TYPE 1, TYPE 2 and TYPE 3 stages theoretical part should always last two days before the competition.
TYPE 4 and TYPE 5 stages theoretical part should always last one day before the competition.
TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 stages should be organized during the lower level International tournaments only, not during the official Championships (with the exception of veterans World Championship, which can be TYPE 1 –
TYPE 2 stage)

For each course (Type 1 – Type 5) two Instructors must be assigned by United World Wrestling (based on the proposal of Refereeing Commission President).

For all competition United World Wrestling can assign supervisor(s) to work as Jury Members during the competition. The number of Jury Members assigned (2-8) will be defined regarding the level of the competition and the number of mats.

1 experienced 1S category referee should be assigned by United World Wrestling to each International tournament on the calendar to act as Neutral Referee. Refereeing Commission President is responsible for such assignments.