Objective: Teach courses with a minimum of three days to prepare referees of national category with projection to United World Wrestling International Category III.
Methodology: The courses will have theoretical and practical content.
Resources: The UWWAmericas support financially to pay the ticket and diem of instructor.
Federation concerned will pay lodging, meals and local transportation
of their instructor.
IMPORTANT: These courses are not substitutes of United World Wrestling clinics.


Objective: Like the other disciplines that are part of the Olympic program, we aim to promote all actions that develop strengthening respect, equal protection and equal opportunities for women to practice our sport.
Methodology: Implement ongoing campaigns to incorporate a greater number of female athletes. Also the organization of specific skills.
a) Technical: Each National Federation shall have a specialist responsible for women’s wrestling program.
b) Educational: Coaches should have expert advice in medicine and psychology to properly orient the training of their athletes. Also, regular sessions are recommended with parents to know their opinions, questions or concerns.
c) Teaching: The projection of videos with motivational content, sex education is recommended (especially if they are teenagers), ethics, values, etc. is recommended.


Objective: Generate all family members of PanAmerican wrestling, commitment and a responsible attitude to the protection and conservation of the environment.
a) Use the official competitions to propagate messages in favor of environmental ethics, with the support of outstanding athletes and local leaders.
b) Incorporate the theme of the environment in the training sessions, especially when performed in green areas, beaches, mountains, etc.
c) Organize activities that encourage commitment to environmental protection; such as: Garbage collection in parks, planting trees, cleaning beaches, etc.
d) Use of recycled material for the manufacture of sports equipment; for example: training mattresses with waste tires.
e) United World Wrestling will make an annual award to the National Federation that, as documented proof, performed the best in this area.
a) Technical: Develop partnerships with government and/or private entities engaged in environmental protection.
b) Plants, plastic bags to collect garbage, brooms, etc.


Objective: Bring the practice of Olympic Wrestling to children and youth in communities where traditionally face barriers to access to sport.
Methodology: Organizing special events display in public places (parks, malls, streets and avenues of overcrowded, schools, colleges,etc.), in order to “recruit” new prospects for our sport.
a) Buy, rent or lend a mobile unit to move equipment and athletes who will participate in the exhibition.
b) Wrestling mattress (don’t need to be official measures).
c) Audio amplifier with microphone and speakers.
d) Trained coaches to explain to the public the movements of the wrestlers, the benefits of practicing our sport from the physical point of view, leisure time, competition options, social improvement, etc.
e) Minimum group of 12 athletes (better if they are of both sexes).
f) Schedule snack for athletes.
g) Carry sufficient frills where the direction of the gym and practice schedules are indicated. This should be given free to the audience.
h) SPONSOR: Manage the support of a public institution or private company, for which you must provide brand presence in the blanket placed on the vehicle that moves the mattress, blankets and/or inflatable in place of display at the flyers and uniforms (singlets) of wrestlers.


Objective: Promote the practice of Olympic Wrestling, as mean to improve the quality of life of children and young people who, by their poverty level are exposed and, therefore, vulnerable to alcohol,drugs, integration of criminal groups, etc.
a) Create teams or clubs of wrestling in neighborhoods, slums, favelas, etc.
b) Seek support from local leaders to promote the practice of wrestling as a mean of social integration and healthy use of free time.
c) Establish partnerships with public or private entities for support and resources to make viable the plan: Local, mattress, salary trainer, etc.
d) Create incentives for practitioners; for example: Donation implements, nutritional support, transportation payment, etc.
e)In the medium and long term, incorporating the best wrestlers to program scholarship of “sporting talents” and/or national teams.
a) Technical: Coach/es to attend the program.
b) Materials: Mattress, local, sports wear, etc.


Objective: To encourage athletes, coaches, referees, officials and prominent sponsors of our sport.
Methodology: The Executive Committee of UWWmericas created the “Golden Boot”, which will be delivered in all Continental Championships and major events.
Each National Federation shall propose to UWWAmericas persons or entities who by their merits should receive this recognition.
Resources: Initially the UWWAmericas has financed its production but we are in the process of getting a sponsor.