United World Wrestling Americas’ History


ORIGINS. In the late 60’S, the leaders of the different National Federations of Wrestling in Americas decided to create a “Confederation” , though the Organization didn’t had the official recognition of the International Federation (known as FILA at the time), it was the germ for the organization of our sport in our Continent.

The Elections of the CPLA took place every 4 years. In the first terms, it was a tradition that the Presidency of the same belonged to the same country where the next Pan-American Games would be hosted. So, in 1971, in the city of Cali, Colombia, the president was the Colombian Jaime Zapata but, in the elections that took place during the Pan-American Games that year, was elected the President of the Peruvian Federation of Wrestling, Luis Antunez PhD.

In 1974 was hosted in Lima, Peru, the 2nd World Championship for Children, reason why the greatest authorities of FILA attended the event, being the proper framework to choose a person of America who represented the Continent in the Bureau of FILA, being elected the Architect Manuel Andrade, who in that time was President of the Mexican Federation of Wrestling.

Later, In 1975, during  the Pan-American Games hosted in Mexico City, was chosen the first time ever a CPLA Executive Committee with Specific Duties duly endorsed for FILA, being ratified as President Manuel Andrade. During his administration, the development of wrestling in Americas was highly promoted. Some of  his main contributions worth to mention are:

  • The annual organization of the International World Championship “Wilfrido Massieu”, which in for sometime was one the most important Competitions worldwide, having attendance in all categories and styles.
  • The Organization of Courses for Coaches in America,with support from FILA and PASO
  • The Organization of the 1st Pan-American Senior Championships in 1976, in San Salvador, El Salvador
  • Organization of the 1st Youth Pan-American Championships in 1976, in San Salvador, Salvador.
  • Organization of the 1st Children World Championships in 1973 in Mexico City.
  • Organization of the Senior World Championship in 1978 in Mexico City.
  • Organization of multiple FILA Referee Courses.
  • Founder of Multiple National Federations in Latin America
  • Published multiple versions of the Rules and Technical Manuals
  • Thank to his performance and dedication, apart of being President of the Mexican Federation of Wrestling and President of the CPLA, he was Vice President of the FILA and President of the World Commission of Mini Wrestling.
  • Honorary Member of United World Wrestling.

The Wrestling Family of Americas will always grateful for its legacy, and because of this hi is warmly remembered. Currently the Architect Andrade resides in USA and is retired from Sport Leadership

 (We thank to Mr. Manuel Andrade for provide this historical pictures from his personal archives)


1967-1971:  Jaime Zapata, Colombia

1971-1974:   Doctor Luis Antúnez, Perú.

1974-1982:   Arquitecto Manuel Andrade, México.

1983-1987:   Señor Oswaldo Johnston, Guatemala.

1987-1991:   Señor Alcibíades Quintero, Panamá (QEPD).

1991-1995:   Señor Gustavo Rolle, Cuba.

1995-1999:   Señor Oswaldo Johnston, Guatemala.

1999-2003:   Señor José Palomino, Colombia.

2003-2017:   Licenciado Francisco Lee, Guatemala.


In 2003, during the Presidency of Raphael Martinetti, the Bureau of FILA agreed to change the name “Confederation” for COUNCIL. Since then, it has been called PAN-AMERICAN COUNCIL OF ASSOCIATED WRESTLING (CPLA). Then the FILA Guidelines were reformed, instating that elections of all Continental Councils would be realized the same year that the Summer Olympic Games were hosted, also there would be 7 members instead of 5, of which one should be a female.

In September 7 of 2014, under the administration of Nenad Lalovic, current President of the International Federation of Wrestling, it was hosted the last Congress of FILA in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, where it was approved the name change of “FILA” for UNITED WORLD WRESTLING.

In the United World Wrestling Bureau Meeting, hosted in Lausane, Switzerland in January 2015, it was agreed to change the name of the Pan American Council of Associated Wrestling Styles for UNITED WORLD WRESTLING AMERICAS, as well as the logo was changed.